Life Coaching

I understand the mind and body in a way that few people do.  This helps me help you cope with stress, decisions, health choices, and overcome any fear.

Athletic Training and Weight Loss

As an athletic trainer with my PES certification, I have the ability to train anyone from high school and college athletes to the hardworking 9-5 family man or woman.  I also specialize in weight loss.  I incorporate lifestyle changes in small ways to make them less intimidating which helps my clients stay positive, focused, and keeps you seeing real results.

Corrective Exercise.

As a Corrective Exercise Specialist with a holistic view, I get to the root of the cause of pains.  For about 80% of people, this is caused by a muscle imbalance, which is why they get pushed off until they become a serious or dangerous health issue.  I help by finding out why you have the problems that you do and then correct them using exercise, and natural ways to correct these weaknesses.

Boxing and Self-Defense

I teach boxing to everyone.  Whether it is your first time boxing, you're an aspiring amateur, or even an experienced boxer, I can help you learn this skill for fitness or even competition.  I also offer one on one self-defense classes to empower both men and women.  My approach to self-defense is meant to disarm and paralyze anyone that comes as a threat.  Having grown up on the streets of Chicago and having to fight myself, I've learned one of a kind and powerful moves that I know work in the real world.

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